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FitFabOver50 is an on-line space dedicated to the unique fitness, nutritional, & hormonal challenges experienced by women over the age of 50. We are committed to educating and inspiring women to live an active, healthy and fit lifestyle.







Our program includes a workout plan and check in every week sent via email. You'll also get access to our video library and blog, which includes weekly fitness tips. And of course, you will get access to our supportive online community - our #fitfabover50 Facebook group.

Getting healthy is about more than just exercising. For those who need support with nutrition, our Fit Fab Over 50 nutrition services provide you with a macronutrient weekly meal plan designed for your needs. In addition, you will get access to our on line recipe file and will receive weekly emails, including a weekly recipe straight to your inbox.

Fit Fab Over 50 provides you with access to an online community of individuals who are striving for the same things - to be fit, fabulous (and over 50!) You'll receive support in the form of weekly personal emails, educational information, videos, recipes and more.

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Read what clients have to say about Stephanie

"I came to APF to improve my strength, stamina and balance.   I have sciatica and I want to walk without pain.  Stephanie knows my body well and I trust her.  She gives me just what I can handle and then, a bit more to challenge me.  Under her care I continue to make steady progress towards my goals.  We build one success on another.  I'm convinced this comes with her attention to detail and her consummate professionalism.  She's more than a trainer.  She's a coach.  She's a fan.  I've accomplished more than I ever dreamed I could do.  She literally saved my life." 

-Pat, age 74

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