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ATHLETE50 exists to provide information and guidance on all fitness related issues as they apply to the unique physiological circumstances that athletes over 50 have to contend with in order to continue enjoying and improving at their favorite sport.

Improving or maintaining performance for athletes over 50 through a strength and conditioning program requires special attention to certain factors. As athletes age, general physiological issues and an individual’s sports participation history need to be considered.

Factors to be Considered Are:



Warm Up/Recovery Time

Power Generation

Flexibility/Range of Motion

Change of Direction

Change of direction.jpeg

Muscle Imbalance



Read what clients have to say about Paulo

"Arlington Personal Fitness has been of immense help in returning strength and range of motion to my surgically repaired shoulder.  Paulo has designed a program of exercises specifically for the shoulder, and has gradually increased the intensity of the workouts while carefully monitoring my progress to prevent any setbacks.  In addition, he has incorporated other lifting and agility exercises aimed at improving performance in my sport of choice - tennis.  As a result, my stamina and quickness have gotten noticeably better, my serve is back to its original speed, and I've experienced no setbacks with my shoulder."" 


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