"I was a runner until my mid 30's and then quit with family responsibilities (or maybe laziness).  At age 58, I came to Arlington Personal Fitness with lots of aches and pains and very low expectations.  I discovered that  Paulo Mendes has a laid back approach that is as goal and results oriented as the client desires.  He has been instrumental in helping me return to pain free running.  We work out 2 days/week for 1 hour per session;  so my time investment is low.  Now at age 68, I feel better physically than I did 10 years ago."

Tom K.

"I walked 36 holes on Thursday and walked 27 Friday!  A few years ago I might have walked only 18 and called it quits for the weekend. This kind of improvement in endurance and strength  in just an hour a day, 3x/week with Paulo.   I've gotten older but gained  yards.  I just wish they'dgo straight all the time!"


"Paulo has given my lifting purpose, focus and intensity which I couldn’t do on my own.  He has prevented injury and allowed for maximization of muscle growth even at this age. For a bodybuilder, one needs a trainer with focus on great technique, an unerring eye and commitmentto consistency, all of which he provides.  He is a sculptor."

Mary Anne

"In Jan 2010, I came to Paulo as a 51 yr old female novice wanting to ride the annual 500 mile week long bike ride across Iowa.  Could Paulo get me ready for it? Paulo is great at listening to your goals and getting you there without injury! Seven years later I continue to train with Paulo and do challenging rides as my hobby."


“For years, I’ve trained twice a week with Paulo.  And about once a week I play racquetball with my long time adversary and friend.  What I’ve brought from my training to the court is quick reaction time, improved eye-hand coordination, and flexibility which allows me to make the shots which would otherwise have been beyond my ability.  Ultimately, while time on the court contributes to my health and fitness, what I really get in an hour of solid, athletic fun.  Thanks Paulo!"


"My enduring thanks to Paulo for always crafting the perfect bespoke training program. Whether it was learning to pop-up before a week's surf camp in Costa Rica or building forearm strength before a recent windsurf camp in Bonaire, Paulo takes the time to both work around my injury-de-jour and strengthen those needed and rarely called upon muscles my preferred sports require."