Jennifer, age 53

"Working out with Steph has been a weekly endeavor for about nineteen years.She is such a joy to be with for an hour. There are so many ways she enriches my life. She makes me stronger, both physically and mentally. "

Susan, age 62
5 Years with Steph

"I could easily give you a dozen-plus ways in which working out with Stephanie at APF has had a positive effect on my health -- no, my life! But the one that stands out the most is Stephanie's total and unwavering presence and focus on ME for the one-hour that I spend with her three times a week. She watches every muscle, attends to every breath, watches for the ease (or not) of every motion, observes flushing and grimaces, and detects fatigue before I do. Stephanie knows when to push and get better results, and when to hold back and let me rest. How has that changed my life? Easy: By her example, Stephanie has taught me to do the same for myself -- that is, to be present and focused, mentally and physically, on how I am doing, what more I could be doing for myself, and what else I could do stay healthy. That is a gift that gives beyond the gym walls!"

Tracey, age 60

"I have known Stephanie for over 20 years. What I love about training with her, is her unbelievable attentiveness to me. Whenever I see a personal trainer work with a client that is the first thing I notice whether the trainer is really looking at the person or just counting down the reps. Stephanie is constantly aware of what I am doing, how it will affect me and where it can make me stronger. She is making sure my form is correct even on the hardest weight used. My time with her is her time with me. No one comes between us. That is important when you want to get more fit. She also understands my limits or if I have an injury. For as we age, this is important. And just to let you know, I have had Stephanie train both my daughters who to this day look to  Stephanie as a role model when lifting weights."

Hetty, age 80

"APF, with Stephanie in charge, is the best place to stay fit and young, regardless of age."

Suzette, age 60

“After a couple of years with Stephanie I am a new person!  With Stephanie’s help and direction, my chronic back pain has significantly subsided and I’m now on a positive exercise program that has me feeling better than I have in years.  Steph’s dedication, knowledge, and personalized training is exceptional.  Plus she and APF offer helpful tips to exercise, health, eating and living a balanced life.  APF, with Stephanie and Paulo, are an important and special part of my life.”  

Theresa, age 69

I have been working with Stephanie for over fifteen years.  She is highly skilled in strength training and also a great motivator.  Her work goes far beyond the basics.  She helps me develop a healthy lifestyle.  I am over sixty and she continues to make a big difference in my life.  Here's to many more years together!"